Insight into CLE Speaker Lori Andrus

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Lori Andrus, of Andrus Anderson LLP, specializes in class actions and complex litigation. She represents female employees who are paid less than their male counterparts, and individuals who have been harmed by dangerous pharmaceuticals or medical devices, been defrauded by large corporations or sold defective products. Lori Andrus has received Martindale-Hubbell’s highest rating (AV) for legal ability and ethical standards, and has been recognized as a “Top 50” Northern California Super Lawyer in 2016. In 2015, the National Law Journal named her as one of the nation’s 75 “Outstanding Women Lawyers.”


Lori Andrus, most notably, was instrumental in negotiating a cutting edge settlement with Farmers Insurance on behalf of their female attorney employees who alleged they were paid less than their male counterparts doing the same work.  Lori’s extensive experience litigating class action, with specific focus involving the California Equal Pay Act, will be a great addition to our employment CLE sponsored by EmployStats on July 12, 2017 in San Francisco.  


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Upcoming Employment Law CLE Seminar

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EmployStats is sponsoring an upcoming employment law Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminar at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, California on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.  This CLE discusses the impact of California’s recent Equal Pay legislation on equal pay and gender gap related litigation.  


The attorney speakers will discuss important recent equal pay related cases and employment law developments related to the California Fair Pay Act (CFPA) legislation.  The economist speakers will discuss CFPA and the use of statistics in recent cases and implications for use in future employment litigation.


The attorney speakers include Lori Andrus of Anderson and Andrus LLP, and Jessica Stender of Equal Rights Advocates (ERA).  Lori Andrus was the lead Plaintiffs’ attorney in the nationwide Farmers Insurance gender pay discrimination class action lawsuit.  Jessica Stender leads ERA’s Women at Work Initiative, and performs gender justice-related advocacy work focused on employment-related cases and projects.


The economist speakers include David Neumark and Dwight Steward.  David Neumark, a Professor of Economics at UC-Irvine, is a renown labor economist who has performed extensive research on wage disparity related issues.  Dwight Steward, Principal Economist at Employstats, has performed statistical analyses in major employment discrimination class action lawsuits across the country.


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Employee Update: Matt Rigling

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EmployStats is pleased to announce that employee Matt Rigling has been offered admission into UT Austin’s Masters Program and will begin taking classes in Summer 2017!  Matt will be completing the 18-month program to obtain his Masters Degree in Economics.  He looks forward to taking advanced analytical and econometric courses and bringing those skills to his work here at EmployStats.  Matt will be working full-time in his position of Research Associate at EmployStats while pursuing his advanced degree.

Matt Rigling began working for EmployStats in an Intern position in March 2015, and was promoted to Research Associate in May 2015 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors Degree in Economics.  When he’s not crunching numbers for EmployStats, Matt enjoys watching the San Antonio Spurs and going on hikes with his puppy Zella.

Upcoming EmployStats CLE Seminar

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EmployStats is hosting a CLE seminar in San Francisco, California on July 12, 2017 at the prestigious and historic Bently Reserve.  Our intensive Continuing Legal Education event will focus on California’s recent Fair Pay Act, and allegations of Fair Pay Act violations from both the experienced attorney and expert witness perspective.

Attendees we will hear from Lori Andrus, the attorney in the 4 million dollar Farmers Insurance lawsuit. There will also be a discussion by David Neumark, Ph.D., regarding his research into labor market discrimination.  Additionally, attorneys will hear directly from EmployStats Principal Economist Dr. Dwight Steward regarding his expert witness experience with discrimination allegations, as well as insight into the calculations and theories that make up loss of earnings analyses.

For more information on the upcoming CLE and registration, please visit our website at 

Who is Doug Berg, Ph.D.?

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Doug Berg, Ph.D., is an expert in big data, and has been working with EmployStats and Principal Economist Dr. Dwight Steward for several years regarding class action and discrimination lawsuits.  Dr. Berg is currently a professor at Sam Houston State University in the Department of Economics.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Minnesota, and his Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University.  Dr. Berg will provide additional support and his expert insight into using big data in employment litigation.  Doug Berg, Ph.D., describes litigation as “living on data”, and the better the data, the better the argument.  EmployStats welcomes his insight into the underlying meaning behind the data our clients provide us!

Using Big Data Analytics in Litigation

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Due to the massive computational requirements of analyzing big data, trying to find the best approach to big data projects can be a daunting task for most individuals.  At EmployStats, our team of experts utilize top of the line data systems and software to seamlessly analyze big data and provide our clients with high quality analysis as efficiently as possible.

  1. The general approach for big data analytics begins with fully understanding the data provided as a whole.  Not only must the variable fields in the data be identified, but one must also understand what these variables represent and determine what values are reasonable for each variable in the data set.  
  2. Next, the data must be cleaned and reorganized into the clearest format, ensuring that data values are not missing and are within reasonable ranges of certainty.  As the size of the data increases, the amount of work necessary to clean the data increases.  In larger datasets there are more individual components which are typically dependent on each other, therefore it is necessary to write computer programs to evaluate the accuracy of the data.
  3. Once the entire dataset has been cleaned and properly formatted, one needs to define the question that will be answered with the data.  One must look at the data and see how it relates to the question.  The questions for big data projects may be related to frequencies, probabilities, economic models, or any number of statistical properties.  Whatever it is, one must then process the data in the context of the question at hand.
  4. Once the answer has been obtained, one must determine that the answer is a strong answer.  A delicate answer, or one that would significantly change if the technique of the analysis was altered, is not ideal.  The goal of big data analytics is to have a robust answer, and one must try to attack the same question in a number of different ways in order to build confidence in the answer.

What is Big Data in Litigation?

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Big data is not simply a size, it is a way of describing the type of data tools that will be utilized for an analysis.  Most, if not all, of the big data we work with at EmployStats requires specific data tools that are ever changing and evolving, as well as new tools that are being introduced into the market constantly.  

Each avenue will handle big data differently, and offer specific benefits that will determine how an analysis will be performed, as well as how results will be interpreted.  EmployStats constantly keeps up to date with the latest and greatest data analytic software for large data sets in order to optimize the outcome of these types of analyses.  

Many recent cases such as United States of America v. Abbott Laboratories and Pompliano v. Snapchat have utilized big data analysis techniques in litigation, proving that not only is it common to use big data in litigation, it is necessary to bring many cases to a successful close.

Who is David Neumark, Ph.D.?

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We are joining forces with David Neumark, Ph.D., an expert on labor market discrimination in California, to bring a new air of expertise to the EmployStats team.  Dr. Neumark is the Chancellor’s Professor of Economics at U.C. Irvine, and has previously taught at Michigan State after starting his career at the Federal Reserve.  His primary work has focused on age and race discrimination, researching into new theories, as well as offering expert consulting for these discrimination cases.  Our highly skilled researchers will be providing support for Dr. Neumark in many of his large, complex employment litigation cases.  We are excited to have him on board!


Employee Update: Susan Wirtanen

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EmployStats Research Associate, Susan Wirtanen, recently visited New York, NY to attend a course in Stata.  Stata is a statistical software data analytics tool utilized by EmployStats analysts in almost all of our case work, especially wage and hour, and employment litigation.  The tools Susan learned in attending this training include data management, data manipulation, and tools used for complex analyses.  These skills will allow Susan to work quickly and efficiently through large data sets our clients may provide for analysis.   

Susan Wirtanen was hired at EmployStats in June 2016 as an Intern after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  Susan recently began working full-time as a Research Associate at the beginning of 2017.  In addition to being a full-time employee, Susan coaches club volleyball here in Austin, and recently finished her first season of coaching.

Wage and Hour at EmployStats

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In late 2016, the US Department of Labor announced a final ruling on overtime, which may go into effect later this year and increase the number of workers eligible for overtime payment.  Here at EmployStats, our specialized team of Research Associates and Economists is fully capable and ready to handle all your wage & hour needs.

At EmployStats, we analyze FLSA and wage & hour violation claims, including time clock rounding, misclassification, off-the-clock work, and missed meal periods.  Our analyses of wage & hour violations typically involve the statistical review of information such as employee time punch records, payroll data, and employee time diary information.  Our goal at EmployStats is to communicate effectively with our clients and fully invest in the project at hand, in order to achieve the best outcomes and form long-lasting professional relationships.  

Our wage & hour clients include plaintiff and defense attorneys, as well as individual employers across the country.  Our wage & hour projects include expert witness trial testimony, expert reports, consultation, and compliance self-audits.  Statistical sampling is used to investigate wage & hour violations in some cases as well.

For more information on how EmployStats can help you with your wage & hour needs, please visit our website at