Posted by Matt Rigling and Susie Wirtanen | Big Data, Statistical Analysis

Big data is not simply a size, it is a way of describing the type of data tools that will be utilized for an analysis.  Most, if not all, of the big data we work with at EmployStats requires specific data tools that are ever changing and evolving, as well as new tools that are being introduced into the market constantly.  

Each avenue will handle big data differently, and offer specific benefits that will determine how an analysis will be performed, as well as how results will be interpreted.  EmployStats constantly keeps up to date with the latest and greatest data analytic software for large data sets in order to optimize the outcome of these types of analyses.  

Many recent cases such as United States of America v. Abbott Laboratories and Pompliano v. Snapchat have utilized big data analysis techniques in litigation, proving that not only is it common to use big data in litigation, it is necessary to bring many cases to a successful close.

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